SAE J1488

Emulsified Water/Fuel Separation Test Procedure

SAE J 1488

J1488_201010 2010-10-22 Latest Revised
J1488_199708 1997-08-02 Historical Revised
J1488_199506 1995-06-01 Historical Reaffirmed
J1488_199005 1990-05-01 Historical Revised
J1488_198506 1985-06-01 Historical Issued

Scope: To determine the ability of a fuel/water separator to separate emulsified or finely dispersed water from fuels.

The International SAE J1488_2010 Emulsified Water standard is a laboratory SAE standard specifically designed to measure a filtration system’s ability to remove emulsified water. For diesel fuel to pass the Standard and be considered within specification, the emulsified water concentration must be less than 200ppm. This SAE Standard uses very specific diesel fuel that is water-saturated to over 2000ppm. Reducing the water saturation by this much is no small task, especially as it must be done under strict laboratory conditions and over a pre-determined period. The minimum efficiency that a filter must attain to pass the SAE J1488 ver. 2010 is 92%. The Standard is recognized as the industry standard.

(Southwest Research 8th International Filtration Conference) Understanding emulsified water filtration from diesel fuels

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