Pumpset Systems

The Pump(s) Simplex or Duplex:

The Duplex (DPS) Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Set includes automatic lag pump back-up features adding fuel system reliability and safety. The DPS is commonly used for emergency diesel generator and oil fired boiler facilities. Incorporated with our Commander Series Multi-Function Controller (Commander-MFC) or the protégés Critical Mission Fuel Transfer System (CMFTS) controller it can be configured to monitor and control transfer pumps, return pumps, tank level gauges, and tank leak detection. The DPS is also commonalty equipped with a fuel maintenance system. The combination of the Duplex Pumpset, Fuel Maintenance and the Controller creates a cost effective means of getting the job done with reliability while saving a bundle of money too.

Standard and Optional Features Are:

  • UL343 Pumps
  • Duplex Strainer
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Inlet and Outlet Ball Valves and Gauges
  • Containment Base with Leak Detector
  • Pressure Relief Valves (2)
  • Integrated Pump Priming Ports (2)
  • Pressure and Flow Sensors (2)
  • Intergraded Controller Support System
  • Intergraded Controller,  Commander-MFC, CMFTS, (Others Available)
  • Intergraded Fuel Maintenance System (SAE J1488) (Others Available)
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Factory Tested to 100# for 24hrs.
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