Fuel Polishing

FUEL POLISHING SYSTEM (SmartFilter Series) (UP TO 14GPM) (UL-343) (SAE J1488)

The Smart Fuel Polishing System (FPS-14-UL) uses an UL-343 listed pump and motor. Cleans fuel to SAE J1488 standards. The system is a three stage plus water removal standalone fuel polishing system designed for diesel, kerosene and biodiesel fuels. The system efficiently removes water and solids to 1 microns, insuring clean, dry, contaminant-free fuel for emergency diesel generators and other fuel storage facilities. The Fuel Polishing System (FPS-XX-UL) is fully automated with remote monitoring capabilities.


Smart Fuel Polishing Systems are packaged in a powder coated steel cabinet and are designed with high quality industrial components to assure extended life and trouble-free operation.  The Smart Fuel Polishing System Filtration / Polisher has a state of the art designed to minimize the footprint and maximize the efficiency for Filtration / Polishing of tanks from 100 to 500,000 gallon tank capacity. The FPS-XX-UL is designed to handle main storage tanks and belly/day tanks.

System Benefits:
Test results using SAE J1985, SAE J1488 and SAE J905 procedures demonstrate that our Filters exceeds the OE specifications in efficiency and contaminant holding capacity. The enhanced performance of our InterBlend media combined with heavy-duty construction make the our system the best choice for protecting fuel systems in new generation engines.

UL-343 Listed Pump and Motor (NYC Ready)
Eliminates annual tank cleaning, fuel purchases, and disposal costs.
Discourages the growth of bacteria, reducing the need for expensive additives.
Removes contaminants to 1 microns, exceeding manufacturers recommendations.
Multi-Tank Capability (Optional).
Automatic Unattended Operation.
Fully programmable 7 day event schedule.
Integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS).
Three stage filtration (Course, Fine and Water Separation.
Monitors differential pressures across each stage of the filtration.
Monitors enclosure leak detection.
Filters up to 14 gallons per minute.

The Filtration/Fuel Polishing System.
Monitors Filter Differential Pressure.
Monitors Separators for Water.
Viking Pump rated for continuous operation. Remote monitoring. High reliability industrial design.
Programmable 24/7 Filtration/Fuel Polishing Schedule.

The Pump Controls, Includes Duplex Motor Starters and Overload Protection:
Pump Run Status.
Monitors Motor Starters and Overload Protection.
Controls Pumps Three Phase (1 Phase is Available)
Enclosure Leak Sensor

Operating status and alarms:
Stage 1 – (40 mesh) Strainer needs cleaning alarm.
Stage 2 – (25 micron) Filter needs cleaning alarm.
Stage 3 – (1 mocron) Fuel / water separator needs cleaning alarm.
Motor Overload.
Pump Failer.
Eclosure liquid alarm.
maintenance needed warming (Filters need changing)

The BMS:
System Summary Alarm (1) Dry
RS232 Standard, Ethernet (Modbus)

UL-343 Listed Viking Pump and Motor
Power requirements: Power input: 115/208/230 1 Phase. (3 Phase Avalible).
Flow Rates: FPS-04-UL (4 gmp), FPS-07-UL (7 GPM), FPS-10-UL (10 GPM) FPS-14-UL (14 GPM)
Max PSI IS 25 (About 25 Feet of Head) (Others Available)
Enclosure: Nema 4 (suitable for outdoor).
Controls UL508A listed
Meets NEC (NPFA70) and NFPA 30 & 37 requirements. Suitable for class 2, division 2, groups B, C, & D.

Optional Equipment:
Add a 1/2″ tee and an automatic drain solenoid valve in the outlet drain in the bottom of the filter to automatically drain the water out of the filter into an approved container with a high level sensor.

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