To take more than 40 years of experience, the passion to continue to learn, the determination succeed, and design equipment and solutions and sell them back to the industry.

We have the most advanced cost-effective fuel system controls in the emergency generator backup power (E-Power) industry available. We use current technologies combined with standards and practical practices with over 30 years of experience to manufacture the most advanced Critical Mission Fuel Transfer Systems (CMFTS) available in the industry. The perfect solution for the life support and data center locations. We offer turn-key solutions with engineering along with the best and cost effective equipment available in the industry.

All of our control systems are UL & CUL listed.

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Support Training Display

Support Training Display

We manufacture equipment for belly and Day Tank Controls, Boiler Feed Controls, Fuel Polishing Systems, off loading systems (PTO), Dispensing Systems Controls, Tank Monitoring and leak detection systems, Aviation Fueling Systems and controls, Duplex Pump Sets, Remote Fill Boxes, and many more. We also build to spec and custom control panels, pump and filtration systems. We provide engineering support in all phases of the project.

Our systems are located on every continent. Our resume consist of the follow locations: (and 100’s more).

All branches of our military,
Home-Land Security,
US Customs,
Data Centers (multiple locations)
Lockheed Martin,
Tampa Airport,
Camp Darby Italy,
Cape Canaveral National Summitry,
Capella Maria, St Lucia,
MD Transit Authority,
Michigan State Police,
Chrysler (Detroit),
Tappan Zee High School,
New Jersey Turnpike,
Dickson Dam (Canada),
Prince Charles (Canada),
Steward AFB,
Engle AFB,
Rochester AFB,
Golisano Hospital (multiple locations),
SUNY Canton,
Citibank (multiple locations),
Mule Creek Prison (CA),
Essex County Prison,
National Grid (multiple locations)
Macys (NYC),
Rescue Mission (NYC),
National Crouse Lines (Private Island),
Staniel Cay Yacht Club,
AFCU Bank (Utah),
NFCU (Virginia),
Capella Marina (St Lucia),
Florida Hwy Department,
USCG (Key West),
USCG (Galveston TX),
USCG (Burlington),
USCG (Ocean City),
Engle AFB,
Patrick AFB,
Andrews AFB,
Scott AFB,
Henry Hudson (NYC)
Ticonderoga Airport,
Dwight D Eisenhower (DC),
PA State Parks Department,
Duchess County Public Works,
Alligator National Wildlife,
Farmington (Nassau),
Johnson and Johnson (NJ),
Town of West Caudwell,
West Saville Fire,
Fort Myers Fire,
Key West Fire,
Bryn Mwah Hospital (Pa),
Nevada Hospital,
Mercy Hospital,
Camp Atterbury Army National,
Microsoft (NM),
Motorola 911 Center,
Number 1 Retailer in the world for Cloud Services (multiple locations),
And 100’s more high profile location, some that we are bond not to non disclosed


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